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Update on the Lakotah Freedom Movement

It’s been a long time since they were central in the news, but I randomly thought of these people this morning and decided to check the trail on them. What I discovered was that on the general internet, there’s not much buzz. The trail is pretty cold on the internet-at-large. So I decided to track back to where I knew the movement’s central website was.

I was very surprised! That is a beautiful and well-laid out website. It presents itself persuasively and tells stories that are rather frightening. All these things exist in our nation! I believe that they deserve their independence. Should it ever occur that the majority of the Lakotah themselves agree then it will be a travesty if the Federal government denies them. Let us walk this path on velvet grounds; if the movement ever truly stands forward in the region, let us part in peace.

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Conditional Unemployment

“Assume that a worker offers his labors for a certain price and there are no takers. If he then refuses to lower his price, he can hardly be said to be involuntarily unemployed. He is conditionally unemployed, the condition being imposed by himself. Only if his price is a government-imposed one, such as a legislated minimum wage, can he be said to be involuntarily unepmloyed.”

excerpt from Paying Men NOT to Work – Oscar W. Cooley

Most economic wisdom is neither new nor inaccessible. More people should study it.

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