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S. 510 Food Safety Modernization Act

As if humanity didn’t have enough agricultural problems coming down the line, the US Federal Government is presently seeking to expand them with additional regulatory burdens and concomitant inefficiency. Bureaucrats are attempting to use recent egg recalls to ram through a new grab for power. Thousands of new bureaucrats will be hired, vast amounts of money will be wasted, and the ability of farmers to actually do their jobs will be compromised. Aren’t we having enough trouble with the economy right now? This isn’t the time to be taking actions that can only lead to shedding jobs.

Nor will this be chiefly a threat to big Agribusiness corporations. Centralized and mechanized procedures are more easily ‘overseen’ than are the countless independent efforts of small farmers, and the owners of those centralized and mechanized outfits have much more political power. Major agribusiness interests are more easily capable of hiring lawyers and lobbyists to handle the FDA or fend it off entirely. Their procedures will improve little if at all. Small farmers and independent businesses will face the bulk of the increase in regulatory costs. This means that the ‘modernization act’ will mean more inequality and less innovation. Will there ever be a right time for that?

I doubt it! We need to act to stop this expansion of the federal government. If we don’t act on this, food prices will go up, agricultural employment will go down, and the union between big agribusiness and big government will grow stronger.

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